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at 16?

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In Year 10 or 11 and deciding what to do next?

A/S Levels? Vocational qualifications? NVQs? BTEC? Apprenticeship? Job?...

Do you need to know about:

Just what should you choose at the end of year 11?

Decisions, decisions, you've got a lot of them to make by the end of Year 11 - should you stay at school, go to college, or apply for an Apprenticeship or a job?  There are more learning opportunities than ever in the Black Country so it's important to make sure that you work out just what is best for you.

Maybe you know what you want to do for a career and you're planning to get started on a vocational course, or Apprenticeship, as soon as you've finished your GCSEs? Or maybe you've no idea yet and you're planning to do a general course like A/S levels in subjects you're good at? 

Whatever you're thinking about doing next you do need to start planning for your future:

Remember, too, that the world of work is always changing. There will be jobs around in a few years that just don't exist at the moment, and jobs that are around now that may not be around for ever - so it pays to find out as much as possible about the job market when you're planning your career.  

Starting points for Career Planning 

Your Connexions Personal Adviser/Careers Adviser will continue working with you until you are 19 - and up to 25 if you have a learning difficulty or disability. Personal Advisers (PAs) can help you with a whole range of issues including help with career choice, choosing your next step at the end of year 11, and planning for your future. Ask for help if you need it.

Fast Tomato - Ask your school for a login for this career matching program. It includes quizzes to help find out more about you, and uses this information to suggest ideas for courses, careers and jobs that may suit you.

National Careers Service job profiles - With information on over 700 different jobs you should be able to get lots of ideas, and may just find the right one for you! You can find all about your job ideas including the pay, the training, and how to get a first foot on the ladder. - why not look at this site which has videos of people doing real jobs?

Starting points for finding out about the World of Work

This World of Work Black Country site provides information on the job market - locally, nationally and globally- as well as all the different job sectors to help you think about the areas of work you are interested in.

So why not find out all about: 

Starting points for finding out about local learning and job opportunities

For more information about the courses and work-based training on offer locally for 14-19 year olds, why not check out your local area prospectus?

For Apprenticeships where you are employed and paid a wage, you can also look at: