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LMI Headlines

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General projections

Despite the current downturn in the economy, employment is projected to contine to rise over the next ten years - resulting in almost 1 .9 million extra jobs by 2022.

Between 2012 and 2022 the types of occupational groups that are are likely to grow more in employment in general are occupational groups such as:

  • Managers and senior officials 
  • Professional occupations 
  • Associate professional and technical occupations
  • Caring, leisure & other service occupations 

The types of occupational groups that are are likely to decline more in employment in general are occupations such as:

  • Administrative & secretarial occupations 
  • Skilled trades occupations 
  • Process, plant & machine operatives 

Don't forget though - even in occupational areas that are predicted to decline there will always be a need to replace workers who leave due to retirement, career moves, or related reasons. For all occupations put together, replacement demand, expected from retirement alone, will mean about 14.5 million job openings in the economy as a whole.

If you do not understand any terms used on this site - for example 'downturn in the economy' - then why not take a look at the Jargon Buster pages on this site?

These headlines are based on the working futures report 2010-2022 published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills in March 2014.