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Business, Administration and Finance

The Job Market


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  • Around 3.3 million people work in Administrative and Secretarial positions in the UK, which equals 11% of employment.

  • Administrative and Secretarial employees are more likely to work part-time.

  • Increasing technology has been the cause of several skills challenges and opportunities for administrative workers.

  • 74% of Administrative and Secretarial workers have at least a level 2 qualification


  • Almost 5 million people work in business and administration

  • Around 32 per cent of employers report difficulty in recruiting skilled business and administration staff.

  • According to the Management Consultancies Association (MCA), the UK business/management consulting market is the largest in Europe, worth about £8 billion.

  • A lot of us are employed as managers. It is estimated that nearly 15 per cent of the working population in the UK (approximately four and a half million people) have managerial responsibilities!

  • Some people start their own businesses straight from school or college but most spend time working for an employer before setting up on their own. This experience can provide valuable training and contacts that will be helpful later on, plus it can be difficult to get the initial finance in place without a really convincing business plan

Financial Services

  • 1.2 million people work in financial services in the UK.

  • Many financial jobs are based in Birmingham - which has jobs in banking, general insurance and credit services.

  • This sector has been hit badly by the current economic downturn but predictions are for financial services to stabilise as these are central and essential to our economy.

  • The financial services sector is the UK's most global industry - this means that there are growing opportunities to travel and work abroad in this industry.

  • Most people start in the industry with level 3 and/or level 4 (degree level) qualifications.

  • Many queries and sales in banking, credit and insurance are increasingly being dealt with by large call centres - affecting the number of staff meeting customers face-to-face and the need for lots of small local branches

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