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Environment,Plants and Animal care

Future Trends


  • Industries which are forecast to grow include environmental conservation, landscaping; production horticulture, and sports turf management
  • The following areas are also considered important: animal health and welfare, food safety, environmental assessment, and waste management
  • There is likely to be increasing emphasis on animal welfare, which could mean the continued growth of pet sitters, dog walkers, and animal behaviour training (usually small businesses)
  • A few environmental and land-based projects are being developed,which could lead to interesting job opportunities
  • Although there are still many small, independent pet shops, the numbers are likely to decrease as more people shop online and the number of pet superstores increases
  • The need for the UK to increase the amount of food it produces, so that it relies less on other countries, means that agricultural methods will become even more sophisticated - graduates with technical (e.g. machinery), scientific research skills (e.g. agrichemicals) and business management skills will be in demand
  • Farms nowadays are not just producing food- they are increasingly helping to provide renewable energy in the form of biofuel crops
  • Other parts of this sector also require higher skilled workers, such as in environmental consultancy (environmental management, engineering, auditing and assessment and eco-design) andwaste management - according to a 2011 report by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), the UK is aiming to become a 'zero waste' economy
  • Many more young workers are needed, especially those with level 3 qualifications or people who are willing to learn- for instance, over 40% of the agricultural workforce is aged 50 or more, according to Lantra